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International Brewing Awards

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40 brewers and cider makers judged the awards

Ninety-six medals handed out at International Brewing Awards

Three days, 40 judges and almost 1,000 entries, but the International Brewing Awards 2013 have concluded, leaving 96 brewers and cider makers with winners' medals. 

Entrants came from more than 45 countries and ranged from micro-brewers to multinationals, with cider returning to the competition after an absence of several decades. 

The judges awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, and will name the 11 overall championship winners - nine beers and two ciders - at the London Guildhall on 24 April. 

"The number and diversity of entries demonstrate the support for the competition from all parts of the global brewing community", said chair of judges Bill Taylor, chief brewer at Australia's Lion, as he handed out winners' medals at the National Brewery Centre in Burton-upon-Trent.

The medal winners

International smallpack lager 

Class 1 for lager 2.9% - 4.4% ABV  

Bronze: Fresca (Carlsberg UK - San Miguel, Spain, UK)

Silver: Crafty Beggars – Good as Gold (Lion, New Zealand)

Gold: Triple Hop Pilsner (Lion, New Zealand) 

Class 2 for lager 4.5% - 4.9% ABV  

Bronze: Kambodia Beer (Khmer Brewery, Cambodia) 

Silver: Tiger (Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapore) 

Gold: Max (Hitejinro Group, South Korea) 

Class 3 for lager 5.0% - 5.4% ABV  

Bronze: Asahi Super Dry (Shepherd Neame  – Asahi Breweries, UK) 

Silver: Gambrinus Premium (Plzensky Prazdroj, Czech Republic) 

Gold: Livu Sencu (Cido Grupa SIA, Latvia) 

Class 4 for lager 5.5% - 6.9% ABV  

Bronze: Tyskie Gronie (Kompania Piwowarska, Poland)

Silver: Safari Lager (Tanzania Breweries, Tanzania)

Gold: Bryggmastanns Primium hold (AB Abro Bryggeri, Sweden)  

International smallpack ale

(presented in bottle, can, PET or plastic)

Class 1 for ale 2.9% - 4.4% ABV  

Bronze: Landlord (Timothy Taylor & Co, UK)

Silver: Inferno (Oakham Ales, UK) 

Gold: Big Wave Golden Ale (Craft Brewers Alliance – Kona Brewing Company, Hawaii, UK) 

Class 2 for ale 4.5% - 4.9% ABV  

Bronze: Ghostship (Adnams, UK) 

Silver: Samuel Adams Cream Stout (The Boston Beer Company, USA) 

Gold: Macs Sassy Red (Lion, New Zealand)

Class 3 for ale 5.0% - 5.4% ABV  

Bronze: Karuizawa Kogen Beer - National Trust (Yo-Ho Brewing Corp, Japan)

Silver: Bengal Lancer (Fuller, Smith & Turner Plc, UK) 

Gold: Mirror Pond Pale Ale (Deschutes Brewery, USA) 

Class 4 for ale 5.5% - 6.9% ABV  

Bronze: Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada, Vertical Drinks, USA)

Silver: IPA (BridgePort Brewing Company, USA) 

Gold: Inversion IPA (Deschutes Brewery, USA)

International keg ale

Class 1 for ale 2.9% - 4.4% ABV  

Bronze: Black (Joseph Holt, UK) 

Silver: Marston's Oyster Stout (Marston's, UK) 

Gold: Saltaire Gold 4.0% (Saltaire Brewery, UK) 

Class 2 for ale 4.5% - 6.9% ABV  

Gold: Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada, Vertical Drinks, USA)  

International keg lager

Class 1 for lager 2.9% - 4.7% ABV  

Bronze: Crystal Lager (Joseph Holt, UK)

Silver: Curious Brew (Curious Drinks, UK) 

Gold: Hells Lager (Camden Town Brewery, UK) 

Class 2 for lager 4.8% - 6.9% ABV  

Bronze: Schiehallion (Harviestoun Brewery, UK)

Silver: Breda Royal Lager (R W Randall, Guernsey)

Gold: Diamond Lager (Joseph Holt, UK) 

International non & low alcohol beer 

(presented in smallpack, keg and cask)

Class 1 for ultra-low alcohol beer up to 1.1% ABV  

Bronze: TAP3 Mein Alkoholfreies (Schneider Weisse) 

Silver: Ursus Fara Alcool (Ursus Breweries, Romania) 

Gold: Stockholm Fine Festival Beer 0,3 (Kroeleins Bryggeri AB, Sweden) 

Class 2 for low alcohol beer 1.2% - 2.8 % ABV  

Bronze: KOFF 1 (Sinebrychoff, Finland) 

Silver: Manns Brown Ale (Marstons, UK)

Gold: Northern Light (Daniel Thwaites, UK) 

International dark beer 

(presented in smallpack, keg and cask)

Class 1 for dark beer 2.9% - 3.7% ABV  

Silver: Light Munro (The Highland Brewing Company, UK)

Gold: Black Dog (Elgood & Sons, UK) 

Class 2 for dark beer 3.8% - 4.7% ABV  

Bronze: Entire Stout (Hop Back Brewery, UK) 

Silver: Tavern Porter (Daniel Thwaites Plc, UK) 

Gold: Brown Ale (Nogne O Det Kompromisslose Bryggeri, Norway) 

Class 3 for dark beer 4.8% - 5.7% ABV  

Bronze: Minoh Beer Stout (A.J.I Beer Inc (Minoh Beer), Japan) 

Silver: Black Butte Porter (Deschutes Brewery, USA) 

Gold: Samuel Adams Cream Stout (The Boston Beer Company, USA) 

Class 4 for dark beer 5.8% - 6.9% ABV  

Bronze: Lord Lieutenant’s Porter (The Chiltern Brewery, UK)

Silver: Ebenezer (BridgePort Brewing Company, USA) 

Gold: Obsidian Stout (Deschutes Brewery, USA) 

International strong beer

(presented in smallpack, keg and cask)

Class 1 for strong lager  

Silver: Tennent’s Extra (Tennent Caledonian Breweries, UK)

Gold: Kalnapilis 7:30 (Kalnapilio-Tauro Grupe UAB, Lithuania)

Class 2 for strong ale    

Bronze: Quadruple Ale (Sharp’s Brewery, UK) 

Silver: Samuel Adams Third Voyage (The Boston Beer Company, USA) 

Gold: Spiced Red (Sharp’s Brewery, UK) 

Class 3 for strong dark beer  

Bronze: Liberation 140 (Liberation Brewery, Jersey) 

Silver: Straffe Hendrik quadruple (Brouwerij De Halve Maan) 

Gold: Narwhal Imperial Stout (Sierra Nevada, Vertical Drinks, USA) 

Class 4 for strong speciality beer  

Bronze: Samuel Adams Utopias 2012 (The Boston Beer Company, USA)

Silver: Smugglers Grand Cru (St Austell Brewery, UK) 

Gold: Samuel Adams Cinder Bock (The Boston Beer Company, USA)

International speciality beer 

(presented in smallpack, keg and cask)

Class 1 for speciality wheat beer    

Bronze: Baltika No8 Wheat (Baltika Breweries, Russia) 

Silver: Verginz-Weiss Beer (Macedonia Thrace Brewery, Greece) 

Gold: Samuel Adams White Lantern (The Boston Beer Company, USA)

Class 2 for fruit & vegetable beer  

Bronze: Harvestmoon Yuzu Ale (Ikspiari Company,  Japan) 

Silver: Mort Subite Original Kriek (Alken Maes, Belgium)

Gold: Mort Subite Oude Kriek (Alken Maes, Belgium)

Class 3 for organic beer  

Gold: Original Gold (Wm Evan Evans, UK)

Class 4 for speciality other special feature beer  

Bronze: Smoked Porter (Alder Smoked Malt) (Alaskan Brewing Company, USA) 

Silver: Rodenbach Grand Cru (Palm Breweries, Belgium) 

Gold: Samuel Adams Black/Brew (The Boston Beer Company, USA) 

Class 5 for special hop beer  

Bronze: NorthWest Pale Ale – Red Chair NWPA (Deschutes Brewery, USA)

Silver: Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL (The Boston Beer Company, USA)

Gold: Adams Latitude 48 (The Boston Beer Company, USA)

International cask ale 

Class 1 for cask ale 2.9% - 3.8% ABV

Bronze: Black Cat (Moorhouses (Burnley) Brewery) 

Silver: Tetley’s (Carlsberg UK)

Gold: Cornish Coaster (Sharp’s Brewery, UK)

Class 2 for cask ale 3.9% - 4.3% ABV

Bronze: Natural Blonde (Harviestoun Brewery)

Silver: Island Hopping (The Highland Brewing Company, UK)

Gold: Liberation Ale (Liberation Brewery, Jersey) 

Class 3 for cask ale 4.4% - 4.8% ABV

Bronze: Nelson’s Revenge (Woodforde's Norfolk Ales)

Silver: Three Swords (Kirkstall Brewery, Vertical Drinks UK) 

Gold: Pale Ale (The Highland Brewing Company, UK) 

Class 4 for cask ale 4.9% - 6.9% ABV

Bronze: Dissolution IPA (Kirkstall Brewery, Vertical Drinks, UK)

Silver: Sharp’s Special (Sharp’s Brewery, UK) 

Gold: Green Devil IPA (Oakham Ales, UK) 

International cider

Class 1 for cider up to 4.9% ABV  

Bronze: Gold – In Keg (Thatchers Cider, UK)

Silver: Gold – In Bottle (Thatchers Cider, UK)

Gold: Carling British Cider (Molson Coors Brewing Company, UK) 

Class 2 for cider 5.0% ABV and above    

Bronze: Bulmers Vintage Reserve (Heineken UK)

Silver: Traditional Dry Cider (MacIvors Cider Company, Northern Ireland) 

Gold: Vintage (Thatchers Cider, UK)

Class 3 for cider with other fruits, juices or flavours up to 4.9% ABV  

Bronze: Bulmers No 17 Fruit Cider (Heineken UK)

Silver: Rekordirlig Cider Strawberry – Lime (AB Abro Bryggeri) 

Gold: Merrydown & Black (SHS Group Drinks, UK) 

Class 4 for cider with other fruits, juices or flavours 5.0% ABV and above  

Gold: Old Mout Cider – Passionfruit & Cider (Redwood Cider Company, New Zealand)







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