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BrewDog advances Oz ambitions

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Zarah Prior: formerly BrewDog's 'Head of People'

Scottish craft brewer names head of Australian ops

BrewDog has furthered its ambitions to become a player in the Australian craft beer market, today naming Zarah Prior as its ‘Top Dog’ for the country. The Scottish craft brewer has also narrowed down its search for a suitable site for a brewery.

Prior, an Australian native, rejoins BrewDog having worked at the brewery’s Aberdeen headquarters between 2011 and 2016. She previously held the role of ‘Head of People’ and also contributed to BrewDog’s marketing and business development.

She has a mandate to identify potential locations for a brewery. The search has been narrowed to two locations, around Brisbane or Newcastle. A location that is actively promoting urban renewal or transformation is high on the list of requirements, in keeping with the brewery’s philosophy of community partnership and engagement.

Prior said, “We are open to re-developing an existing industrial site with a 2,000 - 4,000m² built up facility; or alternatively a plot of land able to comfortably accommodate a new build of that size with expansion capabilities in the future. However, what’s non-negotiable is finding the right community where BrewDog’s hard core values and Punk attitude will be fully embraced.”

The search will be narrowed further in typical BrewDog fashion by relying on social media and Equity for Punks investors to help identify a site. Via its Equity Punk online forum, BrewDog is asking its investors to explain why their neighbourhood would be suitable for a brewery; information and councils and locations looking for new investment; and specifics of greenfield sites that could be suitable for a new brewery.

BrewDog, which was launched by school friends James Watt & Martin Dickie in Scotland in 2007, recently opened its second brewery, in the United States Columbus, Ohio.

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