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Carlsberg works towards zero

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Also targeted: non-alcoholic drink, accident reduction

Aggressive targets on carbon emissions and water use

The Carlsberg Group has stepped up in the global battle to better environmental performance, targeting the elimination of carbon emissions and the halving of water usage at its breweries by 2030.

Carlsberg’s new sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO, includes an intermediate step of achieving exclusive use of renewable electricity at its breweries within five years, by 2022.

The initiative is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals and sets out emission reductions that go beyond the base level of ambition set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change. And the targets have been developed in consultation with leading global experts on climate change – Carbon Trust and WWF International, the latter in regards to water scarcity.

Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart noted that meeting the challenges of climate change will require strong collective action.

“With Together Towards ZERO we’re setting new industry standards for science-based and partnership-driven sustainability as part of our SAIL’22 strategy.

“I’m certain that in achieving our targets we’ll create efficiency improvements, risk reduction and a more resilient business that exists in harmony with local communities and the environment.”

Carbon Trust chief executive Tom Delay characterised Carlsberg’s long-term business strategy as a step-change approach.

“Just getting better is no longer good enough,” said Daley. “Carlsberg’s ambitions go above and beyond the levels of carbon reduction that science tells us are necessary to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius. Carlsberg has taken a genuine leadership position on some of the most critical environmental issues the world currently faces.”

Carlsberg is looking to strengthen the scientific foundations of its environmental efforts. It is to create a Carlsberg Young Scientists’ Community that will foster scientific developments within CO2, water and sustainable brewing, to the benefit of the Carlsberg Group and the wider community.

Beyond the environmental targets, Together Towards ZERO is redefining several corporate social responsibility targets. The multinational brewers is targeting irresponsible drinking and is pledging that by 2022 it will have I place 100% distribution of alcohol-free beer to expand consumer choice.

Carlsberg says that it provide on its packaging and online information about responsible drinking and nutritional information. And it will look to form partnerships to encourage responsible drinking.

Carlsberg is also targeting a zero-accidents culture within its workplace, from the brewhouse through to its sales and administration functions.

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